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We are in the general insurance businesses for many years, serving over 2000+ customers. Our office is based in Miri, Sarawak. Just like our engineering services, our general insurance market covers the whole Sarawak region. Be it power plant, plywood manufacturing plant, palm oil refinery, general industries, maritime, shipyards, commercial assets, or even retail and offices, we provide Sarawak best insurance service on your door step. We also provide free insurance consultancy and claim handling for all our clients. Talk to us now at +60166307986 (Call/Whatsapp)

Plant and machinery represent a large amount of invested capital. Your valuable assets are exposed daily to operational risks and comprehensive insurance is vital. The cost of repair or replacement is not the only issue; when a key item of machinery breaks down it can rapidly have a negative financial impact on your business. You can protect against this eventuality with a Consequential Loss policy tied to the Machinery Breakdown insurance. Some of our most selling insurance coverage under machinery and equipment including boiler , pressure vessels and pumps.

This insurance covers buildings, machinery and stock against the risk of fire, lightning or explosion. Extensions to cover the following perils can also be included for a nominal premium :

Our Marine Insurance access to a wide variety of resources to ensure we provide a consistently high level of underwriting and claims service.


Protect your cargo from loss or damage in the course of transportation by Sea, Air and Land, whilst being transported across borders.

Covers loss or damage to cargo due to various incidents

Covers you against loss or damage of cargo due to fire or explosion, collision or contact of vessel, craft, land conveyance with external object; stranding, grounding, sinking, capsizing of vessel; overturning or derailment of land conveyances.

Motor Insurance Malaysia

All kind of vehicle insurance including commercial vehicle, industrial vehicle, ordinary vehicles on the roads. Eg: lorry insurance, heavy machinery etc.


To handle clients claims with efficiency and to ensure proper documentation for prompt and fair settlements.

What is the point of getting insurance without ability to claim ?
Talk to us for free insurance consultancy. We provide insurance claim handling and assist for all our clients in Sarawak.



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